Sunday, September 16, 2012

Apple Basket

I did this cake for our church's September Fellowship Supper. The cake itself is spiced apple with caramel buttercream. Yum! The apples are rice crispy treats covered in chocolate and fondant, then hand colored with petal dust. I used the apple on the table as my model.

I'm not super thrilled with the basket part, but I didn't get the idea for this cake until Friday evening and didn't have time to make one with fondant. Oh well, I hope to get to do this design again sometime and I will make a better basket then.

Glass Slipper cake

I did this cake for a little 4 year old. I seldom get to see the faces of the little ones when they see the cake for the first time, so I was happy when the she came by with her mom to pick it up. I was a bit nervous because I was told the birthday girl kept changing between Cinderella and Dora and I was worried she would be disappointed, but she wasn't. She was quite thrilled at her "Rella" cake.