Friday, June 15, 2012

Carson's Barnyard Cake

So, Marci called me this year to do Carson's 2nd birthday cake. This is the cake I shouldn't have done. I was already over-booked for cakes that weekend and I couldn't possibly add another one onto the list. But, she just wanted cupcakes, and a barn yard theme. My mind was racing...cupcakes are easy to frost, I can make the figures ahead of time...sure, I can do it.

I have to say that this was really one of those "God" things. He knew I needed to do these cupcakes that weekend. All week long, as I started to stress about how much I still had left to do, I'd look over at those cute little critters and my stress level just dropped. I mean, who could be upset when looking at these little guys?!

As per usual, I saw several barn yard cakes and cupcakes online and picked and chose the details I liked from each one. The barn was rice crispy treats covered in fondant, and the critters were all made with fondant.

One of the young ladies from our church came by on Friday to help me out so I taught her to make grass and she helped me with the last little piggy. He was by far my favorite. Too cute!! I do believe I squealed every time I looked at him. Marci seems to have a way of making me squeal. :o)

I was totally in love with this cake and was actually sad to deliver it. I miss those little guys hanging out in my kitchen. :o(

Well, I don't have any cakes scheduled to do this weekend, so hopefully I will have time to put some of my older ones on here before I have new ones to post about.

Till next time...
God's love and blessings!

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