Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Ups and Downs of Cake Decorating

In August I had the opportunity to work with a sweet lady on her wedding cakes. Yes, I said cakes. 34 to be exact. She wanted a small round to be the centerpiece for each of the tables at their reception, and a larger, 3 tier for the wedding parties' table. I had a lot of fun working on these cakes, learned a LOT, and would have probably had a nervous break down if it weren't for a sweet friend from church who came to my rescue and lots of strength from the Lord. 

I mentioned a "blow out" in my last post.  This, my friends, is what a blow out looks like. 
Isn't it lovely? I spent 3 days baking, frosting, and covering all 36 cakes, getting them ready to decorate the Friday before the Saturday wedding. It rained all day Thursday. I woke up Friday morning to find half of the cakes in very similar condition to this one. Much of the fondant was tacky and wet feeling. :o( To say the least, I got slightly stressed. However, I spent some time with the Lord and realized Phil 4:13 was meant for such a time as this. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Now I realize that this is referring to many other areas of our lives besides actually having physical strength to do something, but I also knew that I couldn't possibly do this without God's help. Throughout the day, as I saw the cakes sitting on the shelves waiting to be finished, I just had to remind myself of this and my attitude quickly changed from one of stress, to one of peace.

 As I mentioned, one of the young ladies from our church had offered to help me with these cakes, and thankfully she is a very quick learner. She was rolling fondant out as quickly as I could make it. She stayed till about 10pm when I sent her home and I stayed up till about 5 am finishing what I could. Here are all the cakes in the back of my van ready for delivery. It's hard to see, but the 3 tiers in the far right are the main cake. I had to decorate it on site because of the design.
Since my hubby came along to help deliver, and he didn't have much to do while I finished the main cake, he decided to get a couple of pictures of me. I'm not usually on this side of the camera. Here I am using a lace mold to make the decor for the cake.
Here's a shot of the cake in progress. Because the lace draped down below the tiers, I had to do the decorating after it was assembled, and I wasn't even going to try and travel with it stacked.
We had 3 designs for the table centerpieces. One third of them looked much like the main cake. These stands were made by the bride's father. Aren't they awesome?
One third of them we called the "garter" cakes.
 And one third of them were ruffle cakes.
 Here is the main cake table. I didn't get a good shot of the whole thing, but she had this large cake, and one of the garter and ruffle cakes on it.
I'm happy to say they all turned out well, I finished the cakes on time, and the main cake didn't topple over. :o) What did I learn from this? Never, never, never, NEVER have windows open on a rainy day when you're working on cakes. Fondant and humidity do not play well together.

Till next time...
God's love and blessings!

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