Thursday, February 21, 2013

Horse Lovers Cake

I did this cake for a couple of young ladies at our church. As you can tell, they both love horses, so this was an easy one to design.

The horse silhouettes were done by printing horse outlines onto printer paper, placing that under some parchment paper and then filling in the lines with melted chocolate. ALWAYS make extra. There's bound to be some broken legs and tails. The top horse is actually the second one I made since the first one broke in transit.

The cake itself was simply covered and decorated with buttercream. The flowers were royal frosting and the horse shoes were made from chocolate clay and brushed with silver pearl dust.

This was actually a pretty easy cake to do and I was quite happy with the results.

Well, what do you think? What other designs would work with this silhouette idea?

Till next time...
God's love and blessings.

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