Monday, June 26, 2017

Eagle Scout Cake #1

Hello there! 

Recently I had the pleasure of making 2 Eagle Scout cakes. This is the first one. I was given this picture  and asked to replicate it. I'm afraid I didn't get any photos with my good camera, just my phone. :o(

Decorator's Notes:

The Eagle Scout emblem and words were printed on wafer paper and then glued to white modeling chocolate. 

The eagle was made with rice crispy treats. I then covered it with a thin layer of melted white chocolate to help it hold it's shape and fill in some of the holes. The face and beak were then fine tuned with modeling chocolate. I used a leaf cutter for the brown feathers and ran a line down the middle of them. I knew they would mostly be covered with the white feathers, so I wasn't too worried about how realistic they were.

Here you can see my inspiration photos. I had pictures of a couple of cakes (one was the main design for this cake) and some real eagles. Gotta love shots of the messy kitchen. :-) I added more white modeling chocolate using the warmth of my hands to blend pieces together, and used veining/dresden tools to mark lines into it.

Here's a close-up of the finished eagle. I used some petal dust to add shading and depth. I like working with modeling chocolate when I know I don't have to do any painting on it. It remains flexible for quite some time so I can continue to manipulate it till I like the results.

We nicknamed this guy Earl. :o) He was fun to make and I'm so glad I got to help make a young man's day a little more special. He deserved it. I will be back next time with Eagle Scout #2.

Till next time...
God's love and blessings!

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