Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Son's Wedding cake

Hello there and Happy New Year! I enjoy looking back over the year to see all the fun cakes I was able to make. I will try and share my favorites with you over the next couple of weeks. 

We had 3 family weddings last year that I got to make the cakes for. I have found that there are 2 extra benefits to making cakes for family get-togethers: there are volunteers to help with the cake, and extra (clean) hands to take photos of the process. So, I have more than just the finished shot to share with you today. 

Here I am putting ganache on the top tier. (I look so serious.)
My gorgeous sister helping to cut out flowers...LOTS of flowers.
Attaching the wafer paper butterflies.
This was a little surprise on the back of the cake for my son from his bride. How do yo hide a Tardis?
The topper was the bride's grandmother's. We removed the silk leaves and trailed the vine and butterflies across it.
This is the only good shot I got of it completely finished. I had forgotten the pearls in the photo above.
I don't usually get to see the bride and groom's reactions to the cake. This is when he saw the Tardis on the back.
Aren't they a cute couple?
And, cutting the cake. They work well together. ;o)

Hopefully, you will be seeing more posts on here in the future. Part of my preparation for the new year was to re-organize my planner and I put a section in with what will, hopefully, be a better system for me to sit down and write some posts out. Rather than just listing different things I'd like to share, I printed a calendar and put those ideas on specific dates. I hope it works. :o) 

So, till next time...
God's love and blessings!

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